VigRX Plus Reviews: Mates Rate The Top Booster!


G’day mates! Have you ever stopped to think about making changes in your life? Maybe it’s losing weight, like when we shed kilos back in January 2019. Or, perhaps it’s about making better life choices. Many Aussie blokes are taking a big step with VigRX Plus, seeking improvement.

In the male enhancement game, VigRX Plus is a standout. Success stories fill the air, with heaps of VigRX Plus reviews from all over. It’s loved not for the flash, but for real results and positive changes it brings into lives.

In Australia, we’re always ready to share our two cents, especially on things that promise to boost our game. Looking through mates’ best VigRX Plus reviews or detailed VigRX Plus customer reviews from 2021, the excitement is clear. These stories are genuine, showcasing increased vitality and confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • The decision to improve oneself, whether through weight loss or sexual performance, is a powerful one.
  • VigRX Plus reviews reveal why this supplement is highly regarded in Australia.
  • Personal experiences and authentic testimonials shape the credibility of VigRX Plus.
  • The shared experiences in VigRX Plus reviews 2021 highlight consistent positive outcomes.
  • The growing enthusiasm among Australian users underscores the supplement’s effectiveness.

Introduction to VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a top pick among male enhancement supplements. It’s known for boosting sexual performance effectively. It has a strong reputation for improving male sexual health.

male enhancement supplements

What is VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus boosts sexual performance with its natural ingredients. It works to make erections better, increase libido, and up stamina. It’s a leading choice for men worldwide.

Why Men Choose VigRX Plus

Men prefer VigRX Plus for several solid reasons.

  • Desire to improve erection quality
  • Increase sexual desire
  • Enhance overall stamina and performance in the bedroom

VigRX Plus stands out due to positive stories and research. It offers men confidence and the vitality they aim for.

Ingredients in Vi

gRX Plus and Their Benefits

VigRX Plus is packed with powerful ingredients designed to boost male performance and well-being. These components work together to increase testosterone and act as natural aphrodisiacs. Their combined effects make VigRX Plus a popular choice for men worldwide.

Eurycoma Longifolia and Sexual Performance

Eurycoma Longifolia, or Tongkat Ali, is praised for boosting male enhancement. It’s known for enhancing libido and sexual performance. Users often report increased sexual desire and endurance after using it.

Tribulus Terrestris and Testosterone Levels

Tribulus Terrestris plays a key role in enhancing testosterone levels in VigRX Plus. Research highlights its effectiveness in boosting testosterone, which leads to better vitality and stamina. It helps tackle issues like reduced sex drive and tiredness, improving men’s health significantly.

Tribulus Terrestris for testosterone

Other Key Ingredients

Alongside Eurycoma Longifolia and Tribulus Terrestris, VigRX Plus contains other beneficial elements. Maca root is valued for increasing energy and sexual desire. Saw Palmetto aids prostate health and hormonal balance. These ingredients ensure a well-rounded approach to male sexual wellness, offering extensive benefits.

IngredientPrimary BenefitAdditional Notes
Eurycoma LongifoliaEnhances sexual performanceBoosts libido and endurance.
Tribulus TerrestrisSupports testosterone levelsIncreases vitality and stamina.
Maca RootImproves energy and desireActs as a natural aphrodisiac.
Saw PalmettoSupports prostate healthBalances hormones naturally.

How VigRX Plus Works

For anyone looking to boost male sexual health, understanding VigRX Plus is key. This supplement aims to help by boosting natural erectile function. It uses a special blend of ingredients for this purpose.

Mechanism of Action

VigRX Plus works by ramping up nitric oxide levels in our bodies. More nitric oxide means better blood flow to the genital area. This can make erections stronger. Additionally, its herbal extracts help the body improve male sexual health naturally.

Scientific Studies Supporting VigRX Plus

There’s scientific proof that VigRX Plus improves erectile function and male sexual health. Research shows it might take up to two months to see its full benefits. Using it long-term has been linked to better erections and sexual performance.

Here are some summarized reviews for VigRX Plus:


Users often talk about better sexual performance and satisfaction with VigRX Plus. But some mention side effects like nausea and headaches. Compared to other products, many say VigRX Plus is a top choice for enhancing male sexual health.

Real VigRX Plus Reviews From Users

Vigrxplus user testimonials are packed with honest insights about this product’s success. People from various walks of life share how it’s transformed their lives and brought satisfaction.

A 70-year-old user felt his vitality return, similar to when he was in his 30s. Different vigrxplus user testimonial talked about firmer erections soon after starting. Many noted a boost in their sexual desire, feeling young again.

Users reported a 10% boost in girth and firmness within two weeks. Some saw notable increases in size within the first week, witnessing continuous growth up to six weeks. Many also highlighted better ejaculation volume. The product’s 67-day money-back guarantee speaks volumes about the company’s confidence.

“I’ve been taking VigRX Plus for two weeks now, and the difference is night and day. My erections are harder, and I’ve noticed a definite increase in size.”

BioperineImproves nutrient absorption by up to 30%
Tribulus TerrestrisProven to increase libido and sexual performance
DamianaIncreases blood flow and oxygen supply to the penis
Catuaba BarkManages anxiety, stress, and fatigue to improve sexual function
Muira PuamaRelaxes corpus cavernosa for firmer, longer erections
Saw Palmetto BerryAids in testosterone transport and regulation
Hawthorne BerriesImprove heart health and blood circulation
Cuscuta SeedNatural aphrodisiac with cardio-protective properties
Epimedium Sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed)Treats sexual dysfunction and increases libido
Ginkgo BilobaImproves blood flow and alleviates sexual dysfunction
Korean Red GinsengBoosts energy and improves blood flow for sexual function enhancement

Why VigRX Plus is the Top Booster in Australia

VigRX Plus is the top pick for men’s enhancement in Australia. It’s popular thanks to many success stories. So, let’s look at why Aussie men love it so much.

Customer Satisfaction in Australia

A study with 78 men aged 25 to 50 showed amazing results. The VXP group’s erectile function scores jumped from 16.08 to 25.08 in 12 weeks. The EDITS scores were also higher, with VXP patients scoring 82.31, far above the placebo’s 36.78.

Many customers gave VigRX Plus a 5-star review, about 60% of them. But, 18% gave it 1 star, showing they weren’t happy with the quickness of results.

User Testimonials

User stories are very positive. Most talk about better erections and sexual performance. One user said, “VigRX Plus has really changed my life. The boost in performance and stamina is amazing!”

AspectVXP GroupPlace :dismissed_hearbow Group
IIEF-Erectile Function Score Increase16.08 to 25.08Minimal Change
EDITS Score82.3136.78
Partners’ EDITS Score82.7518.50
Continued Treatment Interest90%3%
Rating of TherapyVery good to excellent by 50%Fair to good by 25%

VigRX Plus comes with a 67-day refund promise, giving buyers confidence. Yet, some folks pointed out issues with delivery. To sum up, VigRX Plus is a big hit in Australia due to its success stories and solid study results.

Common Results and Benefits

VigRX Plus is a big name in sexual health enhancement. It offers many reported benefits. Let’s explore what users usually find.

Improved Erection Quality

Users of VigRX Plus often talk about better erection quality. Ingredients like ginkgo biloba help with blood flow. This leads to longer-lasting and stronger erections.

Increased Sexual Desire

Many say VigRX Plus boosts libido. With things like Korean red ginseng and saw palmetto, it might increase testosterone. This, in turn, could up sexual desire. Though results vary, many note a real boost in their drive.

Enhanced Stamina and Performance

Looking for better stamina and performance? VigRX Plus could be the answer. Bioperine makes its other ingredients work better. This means more staying power and enjoyment in bed, users report.

BenefitKey IngredientReported Result
Improved Erection QualityGinkgo BilobaLonger-lasting erections
Increased Sexual DesireKorean Red GinsengBoosted libido
Enhanced Stamina and PerformanceBioperineEnhanced overall endurance

VigRX Plus could be your go-to for sexual health. But, it may take up to 3 months to see the best results. Its natural make-up means fewer side effects. It’s a top choice for improving sexual wellbeing.

Comparing VigRX Plus to Other Male Enhancement Supplements

When we look at male enhancement supplements, VigRX Plus really stands out. It shines thanks to its great blend of ingredients and proven results.

Side-by-Side Comparison

How does VigRX Plus compare with others, like Male Extra? Let’s dive in:

CriteriaVigRX PlusMale Extra
Key IngredientsKorean Red Ginseng (200 mg), Damiana (200 mg), Ginkgo Biloba Leaf (200 mg)L-Arginine Hydrochloride (600 mg), Pomegranate Extract (500 mg), Cordyceps Mushroom Powder (25 mg)
Guarantee67 days money-back100 days money-back
Price (1-month supply)$69.95$59.99
Clinical Study Results58.97% increase in penetration ability, 47% increase in sex drive, 71.43% enhancement in sexual satisfactionNo publicly available comprehensive clinical study results
ShippingFree in the USA, worldwide shipping availableFree worldwide shipping
Recommended ByClinically studied with proven results and doctor recommendationDr. Steven Lamm

Why VigRX Plus Stands Out

VigRX Plus is top-notch for enhancing men’s sexual health naturally. It’s packed with effective herbs like Damiana and Muira Pauma. Clinical tests show impressive increases in satisfaction and desire.

The brand’s reputation is solid, thanks to transparency and a strong evidence base. This, combined with great customer feedback and a reliable money-back guarantee, puts VigRX Plus ahead in the race.

VigRX Plus Side Effects and Safety Concerns

Choosing the right male supplement involves understanding potential side effects and long-term health concerns. VigRX Plus is known for its benefits. These include a 58.97% increase in the ability to penetrate a partner and a 62.82% increase in the ability to maintain an erection.

So far, VigRX Plus hasn’t shown any serious side effects in clinical trials. This fact places it as a strong choice for male enhancement. Clinical studies with 75 men, ages 25 to 50, showed significant benefits over a placebo.

Potential Side Effects

Thanks to its natural ingredients, VigRX Plus has a low risk of severe side effects. Still, some might get headaches or stomach issues. If you’re trying VigRX Plus, it’s key to watch how your body reacts in the first few weeks. Yet, many see benefits within just two days to a week.

Safety of Long-Term Use

When looking at long-term safety, VigRX Plus passes with good marks. Its formula includes Asian Red Ginsamseng and Ginkgo Biloba. These help with blood flow and erectile function, without big health risks. Over 1.2 million boxes sold since 2007 show its safety and trustworthiness if used correctly.

Clinical studies show no side effects, proving VigRX Plus is a safe choice for improving sexual health.

Best Places to Buy VigRX Plus in Australia

Buying VigRX Plus in Australia offers many choices. It’s vital to buy from trusted retailers to ensure the product’s quality. Being careful can prevent bad deals and scams.

The best and safest option is purchasing directly from the official VigRX Plus website. This guarantees a real product, discounts, and a money-back offer. Plus, the convenience of home delivery across Australia is unbeatable.

Apart from the official site, plenty of online and physical stores sell VigRX Plus. Let’s check out some reliable retailers around the country:

  • Local Wellness Centres: Many wellness centres and health stores have VigRX Plus. They offer expert advice too.
  • Online Marketplaces: Sites like Amazon and eBay also sell VigRX Plus. Make sure the seller has great reviews and proven trustworthiness.
  • Pharmacies and Health Stores: Some top pharmacies and health stores stock VigRX Plus, combining convenience with reliability.
Official VigRX Plus WebsiteDiscounts, Money-Back Guarantee, Worldwide ShippingNone Mentioned
Local Wellness CentresExpert Advice, Immediate PurchaseLimited Stock
Amazon/eBayConvenient, User ReviewsPotential for Scams

VigRX Plus is a top-selling male enhancement supplement, so it’s crucial to buy from reputable sources. Watch out for scams and choose sellers wisely. This approach guarantees the best results and safety from fakes online.

Happy shopping, mates!

Expert Opinions on VigRX Plus

The expert views on VigRX Plus are very good. Sexologists and clinical trials both show why it’s so liked. This supplement has a great rep for good reasons.

Sexologists’ Views

Sexologists think highly of VigRX Plus for improving male sexual health. They note it works on both the mind and body for better sex. Dr. Michael A. Carter says, “VigRX Plus uses ingredients like Asian Red Ginseng and Damiana to boost physical and mental sexual health.”

It also has BioPerine to help the body absorb the ingredients better. This means better erections and more satisfaction in sex. Experts around the globe agree on this.

Clinical Findings

The clinical trials on VigRX Plus give us solid facts. They tested it on 75 men for 84 days with great results. The men saw a 58.97% better ability to penetrate and a 71.43% jump in sexual pleasure.

The trials also showed a 47% increase in desire and a 62.82% better ability to keep an erection. Users even had orgasms that were 22.49% better. These results show VigRX Plus offers big sexual health benefits.

VigRX Plus beats many brands in making sexual desire stronger. The clinical data proves this supplement is highly respected and vital for sex health.


Our final thoughts on VigRX Plus are pretty straightforward. It’s a top-notch choice in the male enhancement world. With over 29,000 men seeing great results, it’s easy to see why. They’ve noticed bigger growth, more stamina, and a big leap in confidence.

Doctors and sex experts give VigRX Plus the thumbs up too, which says a lot. It’s not just about bigger sizes; it’s about fixing real problems like erectile dysfunction. This all-natural product has guys sharing stories of gaining up to 8.89 cm in length and getting stronger erections.

But VigRX Plus isn’t just about the physical changes. It’s also about feeling more connected and confident in relationships. Users talk about lasting longer, making their partners happier, and feeling better about themselves. That’s why it’s the go-to for Aussie men wanting to boost their love life and confidence.


What is VigRX Plus and how does it work?

VigRX Plus is a male enhancement supplement that boosts sexual performance. It increases nitric oxide in the body, improving blood flow to the genitals. This results in better erections. The supplement has ingredients proven to help erectile function and male sexual health.

Why should I choose VigRX Plus over other male enhancement supplements?

VigRX Plus is unique thanks to its proven formula and scientific support. It includes powerful ingredients like Eurycoma Longifolia and Tribulus Terrestris. These enhance sexual drive and performance. Customer reviews and expert insights also affirm its success and reliability.

Are there any side effects of taking VigRX Plus?

Some users of VigRX Plus may face mild side effects, although it’s made from natural ingredients. Its herbal composition makes it safe for most people for long-term use. Always follow the recommended dose to avoid issues.

Can I purchase VigRX Plus in Australia?

Yes, you can buy VigRX Plus in Australia through various trusted retailers and online shops. It’s vital to purchase from credible sellers. This ensures you get a genuine product.

What benefits can I expect from taking VigRX Plus?

Users of VigRX Plus report improved erection quality, increased desire, and better stamina. These are among the main goals of the supplement. It offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing male sexual health.

What do users say about VigRX Plus in their testimonials?

Customer feedback highlights improved sexual stamina, bigger penis size, and more fulfilling sexual encounters. Real-life testimonials confirm the effectiveness of VigRX Plus.

Are there scientific studies supporting the efficacy of VigRX Plus?

Indeed, several scientific studies back the effectiveness of VigRX Plus’s components in boosting erectile function and male sexual health. This research supports the supplement’s claims and benefits.

What key ingredients are in VigRX Plus and what are their benefits?

VigRX Plus features ingredients like Eurycoma Longifolia, for better sexual performance, and Tribulus Terrestris, which affects testosterone levels. Ingredients such as Maca root and Saw Palmetto also play a part. Together, they tackle male sexual health from all angles.

How do user reviews from 2021 reflect on VigRX Plus?

Reviews from 2021 show a positive view of VigRX Plus, with many users happy about its impact on their sexual well-being. This feedback has been essential for those considering the supplement.

What do experts say about VigRX Plus?

Sexologists and other experts approve of VigRX Plus, especially for its benefits to male sexual health. Clinical research further supports the effectiveness of this supplement, making it well-regarded in the sexual health community.

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VigRX Plus Reviews: Mates Rate The Top Booster!
VigRX Plus Reviews: Mates Rate The Top Booster!
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