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October AB Challenge

I’m always asked by clients to put together an Ab challenge. What better time to start then October. Spring is in full swing and summer is peeping it’s head around the corner.


Our abdominals are a muscle at the front of the stomach region. When they contract we bend forward. Core or transverse abdominus is a deeper muscle which is almost like a corset. It provides support to the lower aspect of the spine, when this muscle is weak, other muscles have to take over that support role. This usually comes from muscles of the low back which when fatigued result in pain. You can feel your core muscle by pushing deep into your stomach around 2cm from the hips and coughing – you will feel a muscle push against your fingers.

It’s important to practice activating core by imagining pulling your belly button back to your spine from the inside, You can place your fingers there and feel that same muscle pushing against your fingers – though not as much as when you coughed. Remember this technique when doing all of the exercises in the AB challenge.

Download our AB challenge here.