Training Approaches

The Different Types of Training Below we have outlined several different types of training and how they can work for you, to help you choose the best type or combination of types of exercise for you! Cardiovascular (Aerobic) Training Examples: running, walking, boxing, swimming, cycling Aerobic training refers to any…

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What is Gout?

Gout is a common issue for many of our patients and is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the population. It is one of the oldest diseases recorded in medical history, with 70,000 people being affected each year. Gout is characterised by a sudden onset of arthritic-like pain, usually beginning in…

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Mens Health

Mens Health - The Mans Guide to Nutrition Did you know, as a male your nutritional requirements differ throughout different stages of life? Good nutrition is essential for various reasons, including reducing your risk of developing a chronic disease. So Whats Different? There are some chronic diseases that are more…