Staying Hydrated in Winter

Staying Hydrated Did you know that the human body is made up of 50-75% water? It is important to stay well hydrated, particularly in hot weather and while exercising. Water is crucial in making sure our bodies function at their best. To learn more about staying hydrated everyday, continue reading!…

Calcium & Healthy Bones
Are you getting enough Calcium in your diet?

Calcium & Healthy Bones

This fact sheet is aimed at providing you with important information to aid in preventing common bone conditions, such as Osteoporosis, from occurring later in life. Whilst calcium is important for bone health, vitamin D and exercise (such as resistance training) are also essential in reducing the risk of developing…

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Reading Nutrition Labels

To help you understand all that complicated lingo on the back of food packaging, the team here at Exact Physiology have put together this easy to understand information so that you can learn to read food labels. This will allow you to make more healthier and informed choices about what…

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